What We Do

Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities, a 501(c)(3) wholly owned subsidiary of the Cuyahoga Land Bank was created to promote the Cuyahoga Land Bank’s existing charitable, social service and faith-based work with other partner charities whose clients include: disabled veterans, individuals transitioning out of incarceration, adults aging out of foster care, victims of human trafficking, single moms with children, and others.

What we do

Cuyahoga Lank Bank Charities provides support via grants, technical assistance and donated homes, with the goal of promoting:

affordable housing

Affordable Housing

wealth building

Economic Stability and Equitable Wealth Building



family stability

Family Stability through Home Ownership

We provide housing opportunities to vulnerable populations and communities, and the organizations that serve these populations.

Over the past decade, working hand-in-hand with these organizations — our partners — we have donated hundreds of homes, impacting the lives of over 2,000 individuals and their families.

Many of the groups we work with are smaller, faith-based organizations which minister in extraordinary ways regardless of race, creed, geography, or gender through individual volunteerism and their places of worship.


How We Serve Those Most in Need

We formed Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities to provide low-cost/no-cost homes and housing opportunities to some of the most vulnerable populations in our community. The Land Bank identifies suitable vacant homes and donates them to mission-based and faith-based organizations. The homes are then renovated with funds raised through their philanthropic networks to meet the housing needs of those most in need including adults aging out of foster care, single moms transitioning from homelessness, women escaping domestic violence and trafficking, disabled veterans, and others.

Become a Part of our Community's Success Story

Please help us make an even greater impact by donating directly to our nonprofit partners through their websites.