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Old Stone Church Partnership – In celebration of its 200th year on Cleveland’s Public Square, the historic church has embarked upon an important mission to address housing insecurity in our community.


Old Stone Church, in partnership with Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities,  is co-sponsoring the Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities’ Matching Grant Program with a commitment of $250,000 to provide 200 homes (representing its 200 years of service to Greater Cleveland) to house vulnerable populations. Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities kicked off the program with a $1 million endowment and now looks to generate philanthropic resources from within the community to further the goal of the program, which is to raise $5 million dollars by the end of 2025 to put towards rehabilitating 200 homes in our community and work in tandem with our partners to provide housing opportunities to veterans with disabilities, individuals transitioning out of incarceration, victims of domestic violence or trafficking, young adults aging out of foster care, and other at-risk populations. 


We ask the community to donate to this ambitious and critically needed effort. Every dollar raised will go toward providing housing and needed resources to improve the lives of these vulnerable populations.   

Matching Grant ProgramCuyahoga Land Bank Charities, in collaboration with Old Stone Church, provides matching grants for its partner agencies to renovate homes for their housing-insecure clients. See a list of agencies that have taken advantage of Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities’ grants HERE. Learn more about the matching grant program guidelines HERE. 

Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities both receives and makes grants in furtherance of its mission

Grants We Get

grants we get

Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities seeks and receives philanthropic donations and support, which are used to aid our partner agencies and faith-based groups in providing housing opportunities to those they serve.

Grants We Give

grants we give

Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities’ Matching Grant Program helps eligible organizations renovate homes acquired from the Cuyahoga Land Bank. Stable and affordable housing is a crucial platform for independence and improved employment, health, and education and yields many opportunities and stronger outcomes for children, youth, and adults. Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities provides matching grants to eligible non-profit and faith-based organizations – those serving many of the social service needs in Cuyahoga County – in support of missions to provide housing opportunities for those most at-risk. See matching grant program guidelines HERE.

More Ways We Help Under-Served Populations and Encourage Community, Individual and Family Growth

Capacity Building

capacity building

Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities works with many eligible non-profit and faith-based groups to assist them in renovating homes for at-risk or underserved populations. Renovating homes supplied by the Cuyahoga Land Bank can be challenging, especially for those organizations that have never managed a renovation or raised the needed funds and enlisted the necessary volunteers. For this reason, Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities works with organizations that have successfully completed a Cuyahoga Land Bank home.

Organizations that wish to become eligible for the Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities’ Matching Grant Program but lack experience are referred to our partner, Building Hope in the City, which will help an organization with their non-profit status, organizational documents, and “readiness” to do home renovations.

To find out more about our Building Hope in the City partnership, contact Marcelina Śladewska [email protected].

East Cleveland

Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities has undertaken a project to help restore and revitalize a portion of East Cleveland, Ohio, one of the hardest hit communities in Cuyahoga County. Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities is committed to redeveloping the residential and commercial districts at the East Cleveland western gateway to University Circle in order to expand East Cleveland’s property and income tax base, and act as the catalyst for further transformational redevelopment. For more details, click HERE.

Impact in Action

Learn more about how — with the help of the Cuyahoga Land Bank and our nonprofit, community, and municipal partners — Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities has improved the lives of those who call Cuyahoga County home.

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