Who We Serve

We provide housing, supportive services, and opportunities to vulnerable populations and communities, and the organizations that serve these populations.


Working hand-in-hand with these organizations — our partners — we help adults aging out of foster care, single moms transitioning from homelessness, women escaping domestic violence or trafficking, disabled veterans, and others. Over the past decade, we have donated over 100 homes to these vulnerable individuals.


We have identified eight partner organizations in urgent need of support. These are small, community-based groups with limited donor bases that do not receive government funding. And yet, vulnerable populations need them now more than ever. 


Please consider supporting them directly through their websites.

Another Chance of Ohio

The mission of Another Chance of Ohio (ACOO) is to provide high-quality housing and services for low-income people. ACOO assists families in crisis, families escape domestic violence, veterans struggling with homelessness and job loss, and youth aging out of foster care.

ACOO is a faith-based, non-profit organization serving men, women and children throughout Cuyahoga County and the Greater Cleveland area.  Established in 2002 to provide free items to families in need. As the program began to grow, homes that needed repair and rehabilitation were purchased or donated to ACOO. Those who live in the homes and utilize our services are inspired and empowered to give back to their community.

Website: https://anotherchanceofohio.wildapricot.org/

Bessie's Angels Cleveland

Bessie’s Angels is a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing, educating, empowering, and providing low-income housing to young women who have aged out of foster care.

Every year, young women age out of foster care. Many of these ladies have no where to live and no one to help. They often endure hardships as they transition to their next stage of life. Bessie’s Angels exists to provide support and immediate need as well as employment options, resume writing, life skills, soft skills, mentoring and permanent low-income housing.

Website: https://www.bessiesangels.org/

City Life Cleveland

City Life is an effective ministry model to transform the lives of urban youth, their families, and the communities that they live in.  Our vision is to empower urban youth to change their community for Christ.

City Life is a relational, holistic, community-based ministry that desires to see deep change in an urban neighborhood through the raising of indigenous leaders from the young people in that community. City Life operates in the Clark-Fulton neighborhood. The City Life Center is used by the youth in the community to give hope and opportunities. City Life offers cooking classes, guitar classes, art classes, sports teams, and so much more!

Website: https://yfccleveland.org/ministries/city_life/

Jordan Community Resource Center Cleveland

The mission of the Jordan Community Resource Center is to provide transformative and supportive services to women in crisis. 

Jordan CRC was founded in 2004.  Jordan CRC provides transformative and supportive services to women in crisis. Through collaborations with community and faith-based organizations, we offer a full range of cultural and social support programs in order to strengthen families and communities.

Website: http://www.jordan4change.org/

Julie Adams House Cleveland

The mission of the Julie Adams House is to enhance the emotional, social, and spiritual health of women, afflicted by addiction, by providing an affordable, safe, clean, and sober environment.

Julie Adams House is a nonprofit agency that does not receive government funding and exists only through the kind and generous donations from the community at large. The Julie Adams House is open to women in need and provides an opportunity for any woman seeking a life of joyful recovery and lasting sobriety.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/thejulieadamshouse/

The Learning Center Cleveland

The Meeting Place Learning Center aka The Learning Center (TMPLC) is an after school program in Cleveland, Ohio that exists to provide meaningful out-of-school activities and interventions to support academic, emotional, and social growth in children.

Since 2011, TMPLC has enrolled over 180 students from the Buckeye-Woodland Hills community in the after-school program. TMPLC meets at a renovated house in the Buckeye neighborhood, less than a block away from Harvey Rice Wraparound and one block away from Sunbeam School.

Website: https://www.tmplc.org/

Ministry of Reconciliation Cleveland

Ministry of Reconciliation’s mission is to unite churches, ministries, community businesses, organizations and individuals to come outside of their 4 walls into the communities and to help coordinate them in efforts to pool their resources together to minister to the spiritual, physical, financial, material, social and emotional needs of the people. 

Equipping them to destroy walls of division and unite to reveal God’s love for all mankind, reconciling them to God through the Gospel (the Good News) of Jesus Christ and good works of service to people of all ages and nationalities in every community! To help ignite a Heaven-Sent Revival, a Harvest of Lost Souls and Community-wide Transformation, Community by Community, City by City, Nation by Nation!

Website: https://www.ministryofreconciliationinc.com/

Women of Hope Cleveland

Women of Hope’s mission is to provide safe housing and supportive services to homeless women and children in order to equip and empower them towards healthy lifestyles and self-sufficiency.

Women of Hope, Inc., a nonprofit, faith-based organization understands the troublesome dilemma of many women in transition from military service, domestic violence, incarceration, and other types of trauma. Women of Hope offers a continuum of care that empowers women towards self-sufficiency. Services include wellness programs, peer to peer mentoring, job search services, counseling and support groups, various employment-related programs, and assisting in identifying permanent housing.

Website: https://womenofhopeoh.org/