Habitat Partnership Brings Affordable Housing to Greater Cleveland

Habitat Partnership Brings Affordable Housing to Greater Cleveland


Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities is excited to partner with Habitat for Humanity of Cleveland and the Saint Luke’s Foundation to develop affordable housing for homeownership in the Buckeye and Mt. Pleasant neighborhoods of Cleveland. The project, backed by a total budget of $33 million, will focus on four key areas: new construction, rehabilitation of existing homes, critical home repairs, and a spruce-up program for modest exterior repairs.

Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities, alongside its fiscal sponsor Cuyahoga Land Bank, is investing $2 million in this crucial initiative. Habitat for Humanity of Cleveland will lead the project with the ambitious goal of establishing 55 new construction homes (40 in Buckeye and 15 in Mt. Pleasant), rehabilitating 24 homes (15 in Buckeye and 9 in Mt. Pleasant), providing critical home repairs for 85 homes (45 in Mt. Pleasant and 40 in Buckeye), and supporting 90 homes with spruce-up services (65 in Buckeye and 25 in Mt. Pleasant).

The project aligns with the housing safety and stability strategy of increasing access to affordable and quality housing, as well as the Saint Luke’s Foundation Neighborhood of Choice strategy for eliminating blight and enhancing aesthetic appeal. Habitat for Humanity is committed to providing 30% of the subcontract work to minority contractors, starting with the critical home repair and spruce-up programs, as part of its ongoing efforts to support equity and increase opportunities for BIPOC (black, Indigenous and people of color) families to become homeowners.

This housing initiative is set to take place between June 2023 and June 2026. Funding for years two and three will occur upon the successful completion of the outlined deliverables from the previous year, ensuring greater accountability and productivity in meeting the grant application goals.

For more information about this project or to get involved, please contact Cuyahoga Land Bank Charities or Habitat for Humanity of Greater Cleveland.

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